Below is a slideshow of my maternal great-grandfather, Sam Budesa & his wife Anna.
They came from Olib, an Island in the Adriatic that is now part of Croatia & he spoke 7 languages,
as well as, being able to read in at least 3 or 4 that I am aware of!

According to the family story, he met his wife Anna Grandov in a drinking establishment
(where she was a bar maid) in Trieste; which was also part of the Austrian Empire at the time!

It is believed that she also came from Olib (No one in the family is sure).
Her family name "Grandov" is also present in the records that the LDS have from Olib.

Budesa Family Photos
Sam B
They had 11 children 7 of whom lived to adulthood usually into their 60's or 70's.
She passed away in 1924 from pneumonia, at the age of 38, shortly after the birth of a son named Joseph.

He only lived 18 months after his mother's death and died in November of 1925.
His picture (the only one known of him) is included in the slideshow.

Any information that can be contributed by anyone about the family of Samuel (Simun) Budesa, who was born on the island of Olib, Austria (now Croatia) in 1881, or his wife, Anna Grandov Budesa, who was born in 1884 on one of the Croatian islands, would be greatly appreciated. E-Mail me at the address below.

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