The main documents that I had available for information on my husband's paternal family
were 2 documents that have his grandfather's name on them.

They are: A copy of his Birth Certificate that he obtained from Poland and His naturalization paper

The first is written in Polish and both are shown below. I have been in E-mail contact with a professor in Poland who may be a relative and he translated it for me. It is definitely a copy of his birth record that he sent for from Poland. We're pretty sure that he needed this document in order to fulfill his citizenship requirements.

Frank Zawacki Birth Record
Frank Zawacki
 (Zawadzki) Naturalization
Shown below is the Wedding Portrait of Frank Zawadzki (Zawacki) and Marianna Turowska and a Family Potrait of the two of them with their 6 children that we believe was taken in the early 1920's.

If You Believe You May Be Related or just want a better look, Right-Click On One Of the Documents Above and You Will Be Able To View The Image at Full Size or Save It On Your Hard-Drive.

You Will Then Be Able to Look at It More Closely With Any Graphics Program That Will Read JPG Files.

Any information that can be contributed by anyone about the family of Frank Zawadzki,
who was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1882, would be greatly appreciated.
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E-Mail me at the address below.

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