Below is a picture of my paternal grandmother, Angeladea (or Angelandrea) Cinesi Pepe.
(The surname can be translated - it means "Chinese").

We do not know if this means there is Chinese Ancestry in the family or not???
(Any information would be welcomed).

She had 11 healthy children most of whom
have lived at least into their 80's. My Aunt Isabella just passed away recently she was 89!

Angeladea passed away from a heart problem when she was only 49 years old and
I never got to meet her.  It is something that I always missed.

I have finally found out recently (thanks to some assistance from the wonderful people at Abruzzo 2000)
that her family was originally from the village of Castiglione della Valle.
This village is now part of a larger town called Colledara and I have been able to locate both
on maps of Teramo Province in the Abruzzi area of Italy - the towns they all came from are
not located very far apart -- approximately 7 or 8 miles.

Her mother's maiden name was Addoralotta (Dolores) DiVencenzo and she entered the
United States through Ellis Island under her maiden name and brought my grandmother
and her younger sister, Marietta (Mary) with her in 1904.  The information there says they were
going to Philadelphia to meet her husband, Pietro.  I do not know when their other child,
Alexander (he was between the 2 girls) entered the country since he did not arrive
with his father either (I found that entry also in 1902), he must have come with another relative.

Her family had a boarding house where my grandfather, Martino, was a boarder in Chester, PA.
I was told that is how my grandparents met one another.

Also, her father, Pietro Cinesi, was about 6 feet tall
(very unusual for Italians - especially in those days)!

Any information that can be contributed by anyone

about the family of Angeladea Cinesi Pepe, who was born in Castiglione della Valle
in the Abruzzi Region of Italy in 1890, would be greatly appreciated.

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